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Whirlpool Range Hood (WVU17UC0JW) - White

Whirlpool Range Hood (WVU17UC0JW) - White

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Filter Out Harsh Odours From Your Kitchen With the White Whirlpool Range Hood Your kitchen must smell fresh and clean, and this is possible with the Whirlpool range hood in white. It’s unhealthy to breathe in the smoke, fumes and odours that result from cooking. This Whirlpool under-cabinet range hood clears the air in your kitchen, so you and your family can enjoy delicious meals or pleasant conversations in a fresh ambiance. This Whirlpool hood comes with grease filters that trap grease and odours, keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic. Featuring powerful two-speed fans, this Whirlpool hood allows you to choose the ventilation level based on your cooking requirements. It’s easy and quick to install this under-cabinet hood, thanks to its unique FIT system. LED lighting brightens up your kitchen, allowing you to see better how your dish is turning out on the stovetop. The white finish of this under-cabinet hood complements modern decor and gives your kitchen a stylish look. Bring home this range hood today so you and your family can breathe fresh and healthy air in the kitchen. The white Whirlpool range hood removes odours, grease and smoke from your kitchen Two-speed fan setting helps you choose your ventilation level White finish makes it an elegant addition to your kitchen

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