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Whirlpool OTR Microwave (YWMH31017HW) - White

Whirlpool OTR Microwave (YWMH31017HW) - White

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Make Cooking Flexible With the White Whirlpool OTR Microwave Whether you're making delicious sides for your dinner or prepping quick snacks for kids, the white Whirlpool OTR microwave gets the job done. Preset options adjust the time and heat depending on the function such as cooking, heating and defrosting. This ensures even cooking and thorough heating or defrosting. The over-the-range microwave features electronic touch controls, making it easy to select the desired cooking mode. The turntable plate is easy to clean by placing it in the dishwasher. With just the touch of a button, you can set the timer to 30 seconds or add 30 seconds to an ongoing function. The 900-watt Whirlpool microwave comes with a built-in, two-speed ventilator hood that filters out smog and odours from your kitchen, improving air quality and hygiene. Featuring adjustable lighting, the 1.7-cu.-ft. microwave emits ambient lighting over your cooktop, letting you see your dish's progress. Upgrade your kitchen with this stylish appliance to make cooking easy, while keeping your kitchen smelling clean and fresh. The white Whirlpool OTR microwave features preset options making multiple functions easily accessible Features a built-in hood that removes pollutants and odours to keep your kitchen smelling fresh Made in North America

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