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Frigidaire Top Mount Fridge (FFHT1425VV) - Stainless

Frigidaire Top Mount Fridge (FFHT1425VV) - Stainless

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Give Your Kitchen a Modern Look With the Stainless Frigidaire Top-Mount Fridge This ENERGY STAR certified Frigidaire top-mount fridge (FFHT1425VV) in stainless steel is an energy-efficient appliance, helping you save money while being environment-friendly. Featuring 13.6 cu. ft. storage space, the Frigidaire top-mount fridge includes flexible interior storage options. This refrigerator features full-width glass shelves in the freezer and refrigerator, a sliding drawer for cheese and meats, and spacious door bins that make it easy to organize and access all items in your refrigerator. With separate storage options for various items, busy families don’t have to spend additional time rummaging through the fridge to look for things. The Frigidaire auto-close door fridge comes with an even cooling technology that ensures uniform temperature flow throughout the refrigerator, preventing warm spots and icy deposits around produce. Auto-close doors ensure that doors of the fridge or freezer are never left ajar, avoiding spoiled food or melted ice cream.  The Frigidaire top-mount fridge in stainless steel features 13.6 cu. ft. flexible storage Includes two full-width glass shelves, a humidity-controlled crisper drawer for storing fresh produce and a sliding compartment for deli meats and cheese Energy Star certified, helping you save money on utility bills

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