Double-Sided Reversible Design full size mattress

Double-Sided Reversible Design full size mattress

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Euphoria Reversible Mattress | 12″ Mattress In A Box

The Euphoria Mattress is a reversible mattress which is firm on one side and soft on the other, making it perfect for many living spaces and different types of sleepers. The firm side is made of a 2” High Density Foam Core and the soft side is made of a 2” soft Serene™ foam. The middle is 6” of 1846 High Density foam core with 1” of Soft Touch 20 Oz Quilted blue line panel on each side.

  • 12″ Mattress
  • Double sided and reversible
  • 6″ High Density Foam Core made with 1846 Foam for maximum support
  • Firm Side: 2″ High Density Foam Core
  • 2″ Soft Serene™ Foam
  • 1” Soft Touch 20 Oz quilted blue line panel on each side
  • Rolled mattress in a box

Double-Sided Reversible Design: Elevate your sleep experience with the versatility of the Euphoria Reversible Mattress. Offering a firm side and a soft side, this mattress caters to your changing sleep preferences and varying comfort needs.

High-Density Core for Maximum Support: At the heart of the Euphoria mattress lies a 6” High Density Foam Core, meticulously crafted using 1846 Foam for unparalleled support that truly makes a difference in your sleep quality.

Luxurious Comfort: Embrace the luxurious comfort of Serene™ foam on the soft side, providing a plush, cushioning feel that cradles your body and invites you into a realm of tranquility.

Enhanced Quilted Panel: Each side of the mattress is adorned with a 1” Soft Touch 20 Oz Quilted blue line panel, enhancing your comfort while adding an elegant touch of style.

Convenient Mattress-in-a-Box Design: Designed for modern living, the Euphoria Reversible Mattress arrives expertly rolled and packaged in a box, allowing for easy transportation and setup.

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