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Whirlpool OTR Microwave (YWMH53521HV) - Black Stainless

Whirlpool OTR Microwave (YWMH53521HV) - Black Stainless

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Add More Power to Your Cooking With the Whirlpool OTR Microwave in Black Stainless It's easy to clean the Whirlpool OTR microwave in black stainless both inside and out. The proprietary CleanRelease non-stick interior means no special cleaners are needed to wipe away spills, while the fingerprint-resistant exterior coating keeps smudges to a minimum. Save precious cooktop space by steaming veggies, rice or fish in the 900-watt microwave, helping you cook faster with greater efficiency. This 2.1-cu.-ft. Whirlpool over-the-range microwave features advanced sensor technology that monitors how your dishes are cooking and regulates the cooking time as required. The turntable On/Off feature gives you the power to control whether you want the turntable to rotate. Turning off the turntable rotation allows you to fit larger utensils and dishes, without worrying about them striking the interior walls of the appliance. The Whirlpool microwave includes a dishwasher-safe turntable plate that's easy to clean by running it in the dishwasher. The black stainless steel exteriors give this appliance a stylish look, ideal for modern kitchens.  The 2.1-cu.-ft. Whirlpool OTR Microwave in black stainless features non-stick interiors, making it easy to clean Stop turntable rotation with the automatic On/Off control, helping you fit dishes of various sizes Made in North America

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